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Please make sure you are eligible to enter by reviewing the full eligibility criteria and the terms and conditions and then, if you are eligible, continue below.

 I or all members of my group are over 18.
 My idea or enterprise is within or in support of the creative industries and is not a product that still requires significant technological Research & Development.
 I aim to create or already am creating positive social impact through my enterprise.
 I own a material share in the business, and am responsible or share responsibility for its direction and leadership.
I am legally resident in the UK until at least June 29, 2025.
If applying as a group, we will all be legally resident in the UK until at least June 29, 2025.

DBACE 2024 applications are now closed

Before you begin

— Check you are eligible.

— Check the deadlines and plan how much time you will need to complete the application. Don’t leave submitting to the last minute as it will be harder to complete the application if you are rushed.

— Make use of the Resources page, covering everything from financial forecasting to common business terms and how to deliver an effective pitch.

Book a spot at a virtual or face-to-face support session to receive additional support and advice.

— Familiarise yourself with the online application, including helpful tips and hints on the application form itself.

— Look at the Terms and Conditions to see what we will expect from you if you are successful.

— Consider what the judging panel will be looking for and try to see if your answers demonstrate what they would like to support.

— Use plain English and explain things as clearly as you can.

— Keep your answers to a maximum of 300 words.

— Be careful that you do not repeat yourself too many times. Don’t worry if you are given a word or page limit that you don’t reach. Succinct, efficient and to the point is often the best way.

— Don’t worry if some questions are too advanced. As applicants will be coming from a range of starting points, we understand that some respondents will be further ahead than others in being able to answer some of the questions. Just fill in as much as you can according to what is relevant and where you are at with your creative enterprise.

— Before you submit your online application, check that you have you uploaded the video pitch.

We welcome applications from people with disabilities. If you require additional support to be able to participate in the award, please contact us by email at

We look forward to hearing from you.

Good luck.

What does the application entail?

The form is arranged in seven sections to make it easier for you to navigate, and gives us the important information needed to better understand you and your enterprise. The sections are as follows:

1. Personal Information – Getting to know you

2. Enterprise Information – Getting to know your enterprise

3. The Idea – Understanding what you want to create

4. Your Story – Understanding what makes you unique

5. The Financials – Getting to know the numbers

6. Video Pitch – Hearing from you

7. Final Information – Capturing some data that we need