Understanding my business

These resources can support you to describe your business idea or enterprise more clearly. This might be through greater understanding of key terminology or through using the worksheets below to support the process of communicating your idea or existing business to others.

Understanding my market

Explains the five areas you need to focus on to understand your market.

For more information you may want to check out worksheets 5 and 11 from the ‘DBACE guide for writing a Plan’ on the resources page.

DBACE guide to writing a plan

The guide helps applicants, as well as aspiring creative entrepreneurs in general, organise their idea and consider the sustainability of their venture.

The guide is a form of workbook, comprised of different worksheets, you can dip in and out of, or work chronologically through each.

As you work through the worksheets you will discover more about your work and how to express the impact it has.

The approach works for creatives, people with ambitions to set up a new enterprise and with established businesses who want to increase their impact.

Here, we have given you the option of downloading the complete guide or individual worksheets.

The following are individual worksheets, from the guide, which you can download as standalone files.
Please note that these are historical worksheets, and any references to an upper age limit are no longer valid.
DBACE is now open to individuals of all ages above 18.