The Finalists

DBACE 2020 received close to 430 entries from across the UK. The level of creativity, entrepreneurship and positive impact being made to society was as astounding as ever among applicants.

Judges for DBACE 2020

We were delighted to have brought together a group of experts in their fields to judge DBACE 2020. Panel members drew on extensive professional expertise across the creative industries and have many years of experience in leadership as well as setting up and supporting new businesses.
Farooq Chaudry OBE, Co-founder and Producer, Akram Khan Company
Jude Kelly CBE, Founder and Director, WOW Foundation
Kevin Osborne, Founder and CEO, MeWe360
Lareena Hilton, Managing Director, Global Head of Group Brand Communications and CSR, Deutsche Bank AG

The winner announcement

In light of COVID-19 and the ongoing social distancing measures in place across the UK in June 2020, the award ceremony was hosted online. We announced the winners via an online event on June 30, 2020, after the final day of judging.
Hosted by Reuben Christian, comedian and supporter of creative entrepreneurs, we heard from each winner about their experience through the DBACE process. Lareena Hilton spoke about the fantastic spur in quality observed in DBACE 2020 and how pleased Deutsche Bank is to support these creative entrepreneurs driving positive impact. Kevin Osborne welcomed the winners to MeWe360 who, as delivery partner, will be providing the business support aspect of the DBACE prize and working with the entrepreneurs over the following 12 months.

What the judges had to say about the winners…

Our impressive panel of judges were astounded by the quality of the finalists pitching for DBACE 2020, making the final decision on selecting the five winners a real challenge.
Bethany Williams London: “Bethany Williams’ fashion company is an incredibly ambitious and thoughtful approach. I applaud her understanding of every detail and I trust her instinct on it all.”
– Jude Kelly CBE, Founder and Director, The WOW Foundation


Enayball: “Enayball is about more than just creating art. It opens up a world of creativity for people with disabilities, giving the ability to think differently and build self-expression in a unique way.”
– Lareena Hilton, Global Head of Brand Communications & CSR, Deutsche Bank


Make Your Own Masters: “Money is the biggest barrier to education, & education is the biggest barrier to the career you want. It’s a vicious circle. Stacie is creating a solution & potentially opening the door to others who would not otherwise have a way in.”
– Kevin Osborne, Founder and CEO, MeWe360


Standing Ovation Project: “Anthony is the sort of guy who will make it happen. He is making it happen: a natural entrepreneur who wowed us with his drive. It’s clear that the work Anthony delivers through Standing Ovation Project is a true calling and has massive impact.”
– Farooq Chaudry OBE, Co-founder and Executive Producer, Akram Khan Company


Word On The Curb: “Word On The Curb has the potential to build new meaningful and relevant connections between those who need to be heard and those who need to listen differently.”
– Farooq Chaudry OBE, Co-founder and Executive Producer, Akram Khan Company

Levels of support offered throughout DBACE 2020

The DBACE programme is designed so that throughout the application process there are opportunities to be inspired, connect and develop.
Online resources: videos, guide to thinking about your business plan, resource directory, application tips, video pitch advice, A-Z glossary. Whether the entrepreneur applied to DBACE or not, the downloadable resources were available for all to benefit. These resources were accessed over 5585 times.
Information & guidance sessions: We hosted a series of events including webinars, meet & greets and, with support from local partners,1:1 application support across the UK. Over 450 young people attended these events.
Presentations: DBACE 2019 included UK wide presentations and Q&As. Over 14 presentations were delivered across the UK.
Newsletters: We compiled a series of newsletters with competition updates, tips and advice. There were over 1400 direct newsletter subscribers. Over 122,000 indirect newsletter subscribers received DBACE updates via our partners across the UK.
Application form prompts and advice: We included tips within the online application form and FAQs to help applicants respond to each question. 428 entrepreneurs completed their DBACE 2020 applications.

“This was the hardest awards programme I’ve been involved in judging. The depth and breadth of vision from each project and individual was extraordinary… the fearlessness of each entrepreneur… and each project had a soul! It’s not just about social change, it’s also about future thinking and every project reflects a sign of our times.”

Farooq Chaudry, OBE, Executive Producer, Akram Khan Company

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