2020 Bursaries


The DBACE programme offers an extra five memberships with MeWe360 to creative entrepreneurs who drive social impact through their enterprise. The 12-month membership provides tailored business support to develop the entrepreneur and help them achieve their enterprise’s next milestones.
The quality of applications submitted to DBACE 2020 exceeded expectations. This gives us the opportunity to support five entrepreneurs beyond the five winners. The offer was made to DBACE finalists and shortlisted applicants.
Selecting the five entrepreneurs to receive business support was based on the same criteria as DBACE 2020:
  • Social impact driven through the enterprise
  • Viability of the business model
  • Demonstrated entrepreneurialism through the team’s leadership
  • Value-add that could be achieved via the 12-month membership with MeWe360.


Based in Leicester, ForwardCulture is a social enterprise focusing on the empowerment of South Asian women. Having started with Two Brown Girls as a blog, the founders expanded their enterprise to build projects in collaboration with diverse artists, activists and creatives that inspire and empower the South Asian community.
Co-founders: Aaminah Patel and Seetal Kaur 
Aaminah and Seetal’s 12-month programme of tailored business support will focus on building a business plan, including the development of a core product and the identification of income streams.
Website: www.forwardculture.co/ 
Facebook: @2browngirls
Twitter: @two_browngirls

Lumer & The Sustainables

Lumer & The Sustainables is an interactive and DIY book that engages children around clean energy systems and teaches them how clean energy can be made through DIY activities. Produced and designed by Blake Carlson-Joshua, a product designer who seeks to create more products that engage youth around clean energy systems and environmentalism.
Founder: Blake Carlson-Joshua
Blake’s 12-month programme of tailored business support will focus on building a business plan, defining and establishing Blake’s role as producer, and recruiting a team to bring Lumer & The Sustainables to fruition.
Website: http://www.bcjoshua.com/lumer-and-the-sustainables.html
Instagram: @blakepaulcj

My Runway Group

My Runway Group is an award-winning youth empowerment organisation focused on inspiring and developing young creatives from underrepresented backgrounds. Through various projects they raise awareness about the social issues impacting the progression of youth in the community.
Founder: Kojo Marfo
Business Operations Director: Freda Doe-Johnny
Finance Director: Annoh-Antwi
Kojo and Freda’s 12-month programme of tailored business support will focus on developing an organisational structure for more efficient operations, prioritising projects and refining the business model, fundraising, and designing a new website.
Website: myrunwaygroup.com
Instagram: @myrunwaygroup
LinkedIn: My Runway Group
Facebook: @myrunwaygroup




The Common Sense Network

The Common Sense Network is an independent bi-partisan news network that believes there are two sides to every story and seeks to bring polarising views together by creating online and offline spaces for people who disagree to learn from each other.  
Founder: Michael Omoniyi
Mike’s 12-month programme of tailored business support will focus on improving his personal effectiveness and ensuring the existing business plan is fit for purpose, is achievable and is sufficiently resourced.
Website: tcsnetwork.co.uk
Instagram: @tcsnetwork
Twitter: @TCSNetwork_
Facebook: @TCSOnline



Young Creators UK

Young Creators UK (YCUK) is a creative, social and entrepreneurial hub run by young people for young people. It aims to challenge the creative sector by bridging the gap between youth, business and community. Their work promotes pro-social attitudes whilst motivating young people to thrive, break down barriers and build successful sustainable careers. They provide affordable media to community groups and professional standard media to a broad range of clients.
Co-founders/ Directors in receipt of business support: Yasmin Keil and Nhu Huynh
Nhu and Yasmin’s 12-month programme of tailored business support will focus on business planning and implementation, and organisational development to correctly structure their company.
Website: ycuk.org
Instagram: @youngcreatorsUK
Twitter: @YoungCreatorsUK