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2024 preview application

Welcome to the DBACE 2024 preview application. Please note, that this is a resource that is being made available. Whilst it may appear that you can input answers, please refrain from doing so. Any information inputted will not be considered and you will not be able to retrieve it either.

Applications open on January 31, 2024. On this date, you will be able to create an account so that you can start inputting your answers and saving your progress.

DBACE is open to all creative entrepreneurs aged 18 and above. From those at idea stage to those who are much further along and have already launched their ventures, the programme is designed to support growth for all creative enterprises.

As applicants will be coming from a range of starting points, we understand that some respondents will be further ahead than others in being able to answer some of the questions. You should plan to fill in as much as you can according to what is relevant and where you are at with your creative enterprise.

The maximum word limit for each question is 300 words.

Remember to refer to the Application process page to take note of key dates, and to make use of the various resources pages (Understanding my business, Finances, Application writing and pitching, videos) as well as the live, virtual and in person events available.

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DBACE 2024 preview application.

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