2023 winners and bursaries

Artistry Youth Dance

Artistry Youth Dance is a London based youth dance company that supports young people of African and Caribbean heritage. They are committed to developing the next generation of black dance artists and nurturing a more culturally diverse dance community in the UK.
Founder: Kamara Gray
DBACE funding: £12,000
Website: https://www.artistryyouthdance.com/
Instagram: @artristryyouthdance
Twitter: @AYDanceCo
Facebook: @artristryyouthdance


LEVILE is a casting and media agency that specialises in providing opportunities for emerging creative talent both in front of and behind the camera. Their slogan ‘More Than Just Talent’ fuels our mission in bringing underrepresented creatives to the forefront of the TV and film industry.

Founder: Ola Christian
DBACE funding: £15,000
Website: https://www.levile.co.uk
Instagram: @leviletv
Twitter: @leviletv

Rehema Cultural Arts

Sherry Davis is a musician, filmmaker and curator whose artistic practice focuses on social justice. Rehema Cultural Arts’ latest project, Ode to the Ancestors is an exhibition that celebrates the black contribution to archaeology and conservation in Kenya. The exhibition is currently display at Horniman Museum in London.


Founder: Sherry Davis
DBACE funding awarded: £10,000
Instagram: @iamsherrydavis

The Bitten Peach Ltd.

The Bitten Peach is the UK’s first queer Pan-Asian cabaret production company, empowering the queer Asian community shows, events and collaborations. They tell Asian stories, create safe spaces, diversify Asian representation, provide platforms, and educate on racial issues.

Co-Founders: Alisa Morris, Shane ShayShay Konno and Samantha Sun
DBACE funding awarded: £13,000
Website: https://www.thebittenpeach.com/
Instagram: @bittenpeachuk
Twitter: @bittenpeachuk
Facebook: @thebittenpeach

United in Design

United in Design is a charity set up to address the lack of diversity in the Interior Design industry by providing apprenticeships, mentoring and training to talented people of colour.


Co-Founder: Alexandria Dauley
DBACE funding awarded: £10,000
Website: https://www.unitedindesign.com/
Instagram: @ united_in_design

Bridget Productions

Bridget Productions is the first British female-led production company to guarantee a minimum 50/50 gender split on all jobs, placing women and non-binary crew behind the camera and across all production roles.

Founder: Nicole Rixon
Website: https://bridgetproductions.co.uk/
Instagram: @bridetprods
Twitter: @bridgetprodsuk
TikTok: @bridgetprod



CasildART Contemporary was set up to address the lack of representation for Black artists by commercial galleries and museums. Founded in 2019 by Sukai Eccleston, a former TV and media executive, their mission is to be a catalyst for change in the art world and transform the UK visual landscape by inserting Black narratives into the culture. They aim to create pathways for success that empower Black artists to earn a sustainable living from their practice.

Founder: Sukai Eccleston
Website: https://casildart.com/
Instagram: @africanartfinder
Twitter: @casildart
Facebook: @casildartcuration

Dundee Community Craft CIC

Dundee Community Craft CIC is a More Than Profit Organisation on a social mission to make Dundee, Scotland the Recovery Capital of Europe by providing collective healing through craft. They provide craft and design education, employment opportunities and visibility to those who would otherwise go left unheard.

Founder: Stephanie Graham
Website: https://www.dundeecommunitycraftcic.co.uk/
Instagram: @dundeecommunitycraft
Twitter: @stephgrahamnjs
Facebook: @dundeecommunitycraft

Loud Parade

Loud Parade is a music creative and cultural creative agency helping brands speak more authentically to younger audiences through their advertising campaigns using contemporary music. By working with a large network of independent artists, they produce branded tracks for brands through helping brands to sell their products in adverts across social platforms such as Instagram and TikTok using tracks which make the digital ads not feel like a traditional advert.

Founders: Rahmon Agbaje and Maatin Adewunmi
Website: https://www.loudparade.com/


A media production company specialising in factual narrative podcasts. Its commercial arm includes Birmingham Podcast Festival. This feeds their social impact side; to explore societal issues in doc form, elevating local journalism for global impact.

Founder: Nina Robinson
Website: https://soundtruism.com/
Instagram: @soundtruism
Twitter: @ninarobinson01



DBACE 2022 winner, Dewey is the UK’s first clothing brand for people with dwarfism, offering stylish, timeless pieces, made in eco-conscious fabrics, produced in the UK. Starting with a measurement audit sent out to women with Dwarfism, Chamiah also developed the World’s first tailor’s dummy in the form of a woman with Achondroplasia.

Founder: Chamiah Dewey
Website: https://www.deweyclothing.com/
Instagram: @chamiahdeweyfashion
Twitter: @chamiahdewey
TikTok: @dewey_clothing

Journo Resources

DBACE 2022 winner, Journo Resources provide tools and resources that are free for everyone to use, run and attend events both online and IRL, and provide detailed and long-form advice for anyone that needs it.

Founder: Jem Collins

Website: https://www.journoresources.org.uk/
Instagram: @journoresources
Twitter: @journoresources
TikTok: @journoresources

Tag Agency

DBACE 2022 winner, TAG Agency is a youth culture & marketing agency that transforms young lives through the power of culture, community and stories. They offer brands the opportunity to meaningfully connect with culture, and at the same time, create space and opportunity for young people to work on brand strategy, research, campaigns and creative projects.

Co-Founders: Alvin Owusu & Tumisha Balogun
Website: http://www.tagagency.co.uk/
Instagram: @tagagencyuk
Twitter: @tagagencyuk


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